The aviation industry has reached a historic level of safety. When traveling, it is important to consider safety. Safety should be a top priority when traveling and air travel safety is an important aspect of any trip involving international travel to fun or business.

Is it safe to travel by plane?

This is a frequently asked question. All who travel always thinks about this. Air travelers often wonder if air travel is safe and how safe it is. The response is: air travel is the safest means of transportation that exists. If you take a look at the numbers, you will find that flying is much safer than driving.

There are several things you can do to be better prepared that will make any flight more enjoyable and increase your chances in the most unlikely of emergencies.

Do not carry hazardous materials: There is a long list of dangerous substances that aren’t permitted, but common sense should tell you that you should not carry gasoline, corrosives, toxic gases & other similar items on board, unless approved by the air travel and aerial. Transported in a suitable container.

Dress wisely: The best clothes to wear on the plane are made of breathable cotton or a wool blend. Wool has the advantage of being flame retardant, making it the preferred material mix for upholstering aircraft seats around the world. Wear comfortable clothing that helps you move quickly when needed, but also protects your skin from friction or fire.

Listen carefully to the pre-flight briefing: even though the information may seem repetitive, the location of the closest danger exit may differ and depends on the plane you are flying on and your seat. This briefing will only take a few minutes and can be very important in a life or death situation. And what else do you do while you’re on the plane waiting for departure?

Always wear your own seat belt: If you listen to the safety instructions, you will realize that you should always wear your seat belt. Yes, even if the seatbelt sign is off, which only the driver can do. There is a possibility that the aircraft may experience unexpected turbulence and serious injury if the seat belt is not fastened. Also, if you are not sure, it can cause serious injury to other people.

Put on your oxygen mask first, then help others; knowing how to use your oxygen mask correctly is very important. Every seat on the plane must have a top oxygen mask. This mask falls off automatically when there is a pressure imbalance in the aircraft cabin. The first move is to always get your mask before helping those around you. This is very important because you can’t help anyone if you can’t. This will also be demonstrated during the safety briefing.

Do not consume too much alcohol: The vacuum in airplane cabins is pressurized at roughly the same altitude as Denver, therefore any alcohol you drink will disturb you more than it does at the sea level. Regulation is an ideal policy at any level.

Keep top racks away from heavy objects: Top racks may not support very heavy objects during turbulence. So if you or other passengers have trouble picking up items in the trash, store them somewhere else.

The one thing you can’t afford to lose is your life. This is the only advice you really need. No further explanation is needed.